Pralaya tantra & mantras Yoga

Pralaya tantra & mantras Yoga

PRALAYA TANTRA & MANTRAS – Subtle energetics Yoga & Mantra meditation practice within the Sri Vidya Tantra tradition.

Created by Robert Boustany, Pralaya yoga is characterized by a series of alignments techniques specifically designed to balance, protect and prolong the longevity of the joints and muscles fibers by identifying and strengthening the weakest muscles, loosening tight muscles, breaking down fascia connective tissue, and by opening fascia lines.

The resulting alignments help prevent injuries, accelerate the healing process of existing imbalances, release physical tension, develop strength and flexibility, generate and release energy flow.

Tantra sees the body as the Universe.

Sri Vidya Tantra is a tradition of Goddess worship, whose symbol the Sri Yantra, or Sri Chakra, represents the union of the Feminine and Masculine principles, the whole Manifestation of the Universe, and the subtle energetic body. This tradition is a Mantra Marga, a path of Mantras.The practice, amongst others, includes the recitation of Mantras
which requires a specific preparation.

During this course we will develop a practice to make the body/mind quiet and available for the energetic vibrational exploration, the focus here being on inner silence, breath and sound.

We will learn and practice:

The basic alignment principles and key muscles of Pralaya Yoga.

Basic visualization of the energetic body ( the body as a Yantra)

Different qualities of speech

Japa Prakaranam – Preparation to the recitation of a specific Mantra, which includes Mudras, Nyasas (combination of mudra and mantra to activate in the body subtle energies) and pranayama.

Shiva panchakshari Mantra – Mantra to Lord Shiva

Omkara – Recitation of the sacred syllable OM

This is a very intimate inner practice in relation to your Self, which (ideally) requires daily attention. She is usually done alone and silently. In the spirit of traditional oral transmission, in order to activate & set the energy in motion, we will practice out loud, together as One.

For those who feel a strong calling and a deep resonance towards this tradition, initiation might be offered (to be confirmed).


WHERE: Shala 3, Yoga House
COURSE DATES: 9.11. – 14.12.2023 (except for 16.11., 5 lessons)
WHEN: every thursday
TIME: 19:30 – 21:30
LECTURER:  Laurence Morlon
PRICE: 60 eur
Price is fixed, the entire course is covered. We keep place for you during the whole course. The number of places are limited. Compensation aren’t possible.



THURSDAY 19:30 – 21:30