Introduction to Ayurvedic massage

Introduction to Ayurvedic massage

Introduction to Ayurvedic massage Abhyanga and Yoga of Touch

Learn how to give a 30 mins back & neck massage treatment inspired by ayurvedic massage abhyanga, which includes a touch of extreme slowness (Yoga of Touch~Sparśa Yoga)

In Ayurveda, the oiling of the body is called abhyanga. The use of warm oil tones and nourishes all the tissues of the body. It is relaxing, energizing, rejuvenating, and brings strength, softness and radiance to the skin. In Tantra, the sense closest to Consciousness is Touch (Sparśa). The skin is our largest sensory organ, Touch is the base of our sensory world and is connected to the Heart center.

Laurence was trained 13 years ago in India (with Seby Joseph) and has been offering this massage treatment ever since. Over the years and following her own personal evolution, her practice and dexterity have grown and perfected, constantly learning from the diversity that hundreds of bodies provided.

All day workshop

9h-10h30 Pralaya yoga and subtle explorations to develop grounding & tactile awareness

11h-13h Demonstration & introduction to the massage – Basic introduction to marma points (energy points), nadis (subtle energetic channels) and sapta dhatus (seven tissues of the body). Nyasa practice (invocation of specific energies by touching various body parts while reciting a mantra).

13h-15h Lunch break

15h-19h Hands on practice, where students practice along with Laurence on their partners (friends, family, partner) they’ll bring as their body to practice with. Restorative yoga & mantra – Silence & sharing All trainees will receive part of the massage from Laurence.

What to bring

A friend, partner or family as your own body model. A friend who wants to enjoy relaxing for couple of hours. The model will be needed from 15:00 after lunch.  2 towels, your favourite oil, a notebook and a pen.

Note that in its full form this is a very rythmic massage which is traditionally given on a table. The sequence you will learn will be performed on the floor and may be challenging for the knees and back. Feel free to bring knee pads if you think you may need some. We will take breaks and tips will be given to avoid uncomfort.


DAY: 22.4. 2023, sobota
TIME: 9:00 – 19:00
Pauz for lunch : 2 hodiny
PRICE : 70 Eur
LECTOR: Laurence Morlon



Laurence has always put the spiritual quest at the heart of her life, exploring the body as it is lived, as a gateway to a modern and ancient traditional space. She spent seven years primarily in India, dedicated to living daily the teachings with which she resonates, both self exploring and immersing herself in the authenticity of the traditions that each
of her masters embody.


A practioner of Yoga for over 25 years and with over 15 years of teaching experience, Laurence offers classes to all experience levels and accomodate to the personal needs of her students. She shares her practices of evolutionary Pralaya Yoga, metaphysical Kalaripayattu, and esoteric Sri Vidya Tantra.
Laurence is trained in modern dance, classical indian dance Bharata Natyam and Odissi, and in south indian martial art Kalaripayattu. She is certified in Hatha Yoga Vinyasa 200h, in Pralaya Yoga 500h, and in abhyanga ayurvedic massage. Laurence is initiated in Sri Vidya Tantra, tradition within which she researched and developped the performance of danced rituals, with the blessing and under the guidance of her Guru Lakshman Gurukkal.
She is the founder of Sparsa Kalari, a school dedicated to the development of the sense of Touch, and by extention to our ability to see, feel, perceive and intuit.