Tantric tradition, Pralaya yoga, Mantra yoga and Kalari retreat with Laurence

Deň / Dátum / Čas

štvrtok / 11.07.2024 - 14.07.2024 / 16:00 - 14:00

We are kindly inviting you to weekend retreat in Harmonia pri Hlaváči to dissolve together with Laurence (Trikona Devi) into the nature of Harmónia. To dive deep into tantric tradition, get to know Pralaya Yoga, Sparsa yoga – the art of Touch, indian martial art, mantra yoga and much more. Laurence (FR) my teacher of Abhyanga ayurveda massage, Tantra and Pralaya yoga lived in India in Auroville for 7 years. She has beuatiful knowledge in yoga, tantra, touch and she inspires me incredibly much.

I met Laurence in Sri Lanka and she influenced my “way of being in my body and feeling it” a lot. I’m grateful for these experiences and moments, so I wish to bring these bodily sensations closer to you too. This retreat offers to develop the sense of connection, our ability to feel and perceive, with practices which complement and support each other, all embedded in Tantric tradition.

We will deepen into art of Touch– Sparsa yoga. The sense of Touch relates to Spaciousness and Consciousness. It connects us to the Heart, the source of our most intimate Being.

Pralaya yoga will open our day. It is characterised by a series of alignments techniques specifically designed to balance, protect and prolong the longevity of the joints and muscles fibers by identifying and strengthening the weakest muscles, loosening tight muscles and fascia connective tissue, and by opening fascia lines.

South Indian martial art Kalaripayattu considered as a dynamic yoga will inspire us during retreat to develop grounding, willpower, balance, coordination, agility, speed & stamina. Beneficial mentally, physically and spiritually, it enhances concentration, self confidence and the control of emotions.

We will connect to Mantra & Nyasa Yoga. The Sanskrit alphabet constitutes the sound matrix of the Universe, each letter contains a seed of potential energy and corresponds to a specific part of the body.

Tantra natyam – Offering of the Self in Meditative Danced ritual will be part of our weekend journey, the journey to deepen our bodily sensations. Sri Vidya Tantra tradition is where Laurence is coming from. And honestly it fascinates me so much. It feels beautiful to be around her and learn from her. I’m inviting you to dive into your body to heal it and live it fully.


WHERE: Harmónia pri Hlaváči
DATES: 11. – 14. Júl 2024
TIME: Thursday 16:00 – Sunday 14:00
PRICE: 290 €
Including retreat + accommodation / 2-3 payments are possible after agreement with fixed registration.
Food is paid on spot separately to the center
Food price: 30 Eur a day, together 90 eur
CAPACITY: max 10 people
LECTURER: Laurence Morlon (France)

Laurence Morlon
��Trikona Devi

Laurence has always put the spiritual quest at the heart of her life, exploring the body as it is lived, as a gateway to a modern and ancient traditional space. She spent seven years primarily in India, dedicated to living daily the teachings with which she resonates, both self exploring and immersing herself in the authenticity of the traditions that each of her masters embody.

A practioner of Yoga for over 28 years and with over 17 years of teaching experience, Laurence offers classes to all experience levels and accomodate to the personal needs of her students. She shares her practices of evolutionary Pralaya Yoga, metaphysical Kalaripayattu, and esoteric Sri Vidya Tantra.