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piatok / 19.07.2024 - 28.07.2024 / 16:00 - 15:00

Intensive massage training for women & men

Immerse yourself in beautiful nature to learn a full body massage treatment inspired by ayurvedic massage abhyanga, and which includes a touch of extreme slowness (Yoga of Touch~Sparśa Yoga).

In Ayurveda, the oiling of the body is called abhyanga. The use of warm oil tones and nourishes all the tissues of the body. It is relaxing, energizing, rejuvenating, and brings strength, softness and radiance to the skin.

Abhyanga, oil massage or anointing of the body, is a form of ayurvedic therapy which involves massaging the entire body from head to toe with warm oil, traditionally sesame. It can be done as part of Pancha karma therapy (a detoxifying and purifying ayurvedic method) as a pre-treatment, or as its own therapy.

In Tantra, the sense closest to Consciousness is Touch (Sparśa). The skin is our largest
sensory organ, Touch is the base of our sensory world and is connected to the Heart center.


7 day workshop sample schedule:

Arrival & settling in
16h-18h30 Introduction & demonstration of the massage – Pralaya Yoga practice & Mantra
21h Fire ritual to Ganesh (Ganapati Homam)

Day 2-3 & 5-6:
8h-9h Pralaya & Kalari Yoga, explorations to develop grounding.
11h-13h Nyasa practice (invocation of specific energies by touching various body parts while
reciting the related mantra) & Hands on practice massage training
15h-17h Nyasa & Hands on practice massage training
17h30-18h30 Restorative Pralaya, explorations to develop subtle awareness.

Day 4:
8h-9h Pralaya & Kalari Yoga
11h-13h Supervised integration practice of first two days
Free time…Rest, self practice, walk & contemplation in nature
17h30-19h Restorative Pralaya & Ganapati Homam

Day 7:
7h30 Ganapati Homam
8h-9h Pralaya &Kalari Yoga
11h-13h Massage training
15H Certificate ceremony, Sharing & parting.


Throughout the week, there will be some basic introductions to marma points (energy points), nadis (subtle energetic channels), to the sapta dhatus (seven tissues of the body) and physical anatomy.

At the end of the week you will receive a certificate of completion for the training. This practice is very dear to Laurence’s heart and she makes it a point to provide you with all the tools and knowledge necessary to become great practitioners. In this regard, you are encouraged to start offering your practice soon after the training, and after a period of 6 months minimum, you are required to schedule a 2 hours evaluation session with Laurence (included in the training), where you will give her the massage and receive personalized feedback to integrate. Should you be interested, we recommend you to receive the massage beforehand.

Laurence trained with Seby Joseph,13 years ago in India, and has been offering that same massage ever since. Over those years, following her own personal growth and intuition, her practice has evolved and perfected, constantly learning from the diversity that hundreds of bodies provided. She feels and is grateful it also gives her the opportunity to be of service to others by providing a mean of connection to One’s Self through the art of Touch.

When fully integrated, the rhythmic and dynamic aspect of this massage becomes in itself a practice, like a dance, to benefit from.


WHERE: Blatinka, Chata Blatno, Hriňová
DATES: 19. – 28. Júl 2023
TIME:  Thursday 16:00 – Sunday 15:00
PRICE for massage training: 500 €
PRICE FOR Accommodation &  Food /paid on spot: 550 Eur
CAPACITY: max 10 people
LECTURER: Laurence Morlon (France)



Laurence Morlon
��Trikona Devi
Laurence has always put the spiritual quest at the heart of her life, exploring the body as it is lived, as a gateway to a modern and ancient traditional space. She spent seven years primarily in India, dedicated to living daily the teachings with which she resonates, both self exploring and immersing herself in the authenticity of the traditions that each
of her masters embody.
A practioner of Yoga for over 28 years and with over 17 years of teaching experience, Laurence offers classes to all experience levels and accomodate to the personal needs of her students. She shares her practices of evolutionary Pralaya Yoga, metaphysical Kalaripayattu, and esoteric Sri Vidya Tantra.

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