Pralaya Yoga

Created by Robert Boustany, Pralaya yoga is characterized by a series of alignments techniques specifically designed to balance, protect and prolong the longevity of the joints and muscles fibers by identifying and strengthening the weakest muscles, loosening tight muscles, breaking down fascia connective tissue, and by opening fascia lines.


The resulting alignments help prevent injuries, accelerate the healing process of existing imbalances, release physical tension, develop strength and flexibility, generate and release energy flow.
Tantra sees the body as the Universe. Sri Vidya Tantra is a tradition of Goddess worship, whose symbol the Sri Yantra, or Sri Chakra, represents the union of the Feminine and Masculine principles, the whole Manifestation of the Universe, and the subtle energetic body. The practice, amongst others, includes the recitation of Mantras.


DEŇ: 15.4. 2023, sobota
ČAS: 10:00 – 12:00
CENA: 25 Eur
LEKTORKA: Laurence Morlon





Laurence has always put the spiritual quest at the heart of her life, exploring the body as it is lived, as a gateway to a modern and ancient traditional space. She spent seven years primarily in India, dedicated to living daily the teachings with which she resonates, both self exploring and immersing herself in the authenticity of the traditions that each
of her masters embody.


A practioner of Yoga for over 25 years and with over 15 years of teaching experience, Laurence offers classes to all experience levels and accomodate to the personal needs of her students. She shares her practices of evolutionary Pralaya Yoga, metaphysical Kalaripayattu, and esoteric Sri Vidya Tantra.
Laurence is trained in modern dance, classical indian dance Bharata Natyam and Odissi, and in south indian martial art Kalaripayattu. She is certified in Hatha Yoga Vinyasa 200h, in Pralaya Yoga 500h, and in abhyanga ayurvedic massage. Laurence is initiated in Sri Vidya Tantra, tradition within which she researched and developped the performance of danced rituals, with the blessing and under the guidance of her Guru Lakshman Gurukkal.
She is the founder of Sparsa Kalari, a school dedicated to the development of the sense of Touch, and by extention to our ability to see, feel, perceive and intuit.